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Tanning Beds with Face Tanners
We've added two more tanning beds, both with face tanners. These beds have all new bulbs and are good 'n HOT!

Tanning Beds
Our beds are Level II  & Level III, with all new bulbs. The Level III Solarwind 5000 (aka Monster Bed) has bronzing bulbs and a face tanner. Reviews are quite favorable, too. Most comments include "That bed's HOT!" and "I love it!". If you're looking for a hotter bed, come in and give it a try yourself!

Tanning Lotions
We carry lotions by Swedish Beauty, Ed Hardy,  Snooki, Supre Tan, Designer Skin, and Tan Incorporated - bronzers, self-tanning bronzers, tingles, and accelerators. All bottles at 50% off suggested retail!

After-Tan Skin Care
Hydrated skin tans easier and holds a tan longer than dry skin.

We carry moisturizers by Playboy, Swedish Beauty, and Sweet & Sexy.

Eye Protection
Eyelids are too thin to properly protect your eyes from UV rays. We have Super Sunnies available to borrow, or you can buy a pair of your very own. Wink-Ease eye shields are also available.

Level II Basic $39/Month Unlimited
Level II w/Face Tanners $44/Month Unlimited

Tanning Tips - Keep Your Tan Longer!

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