Caldwell Pools & Tanning
Before You "Buy Cheap"

There are some things to consider besides price when buying a new swimming pool.

What Are You Really Getting For The Price?

Some things to keep in mind when price shopping for a new pool are

  1. Quality
    Are you getting name-brand quality like Hayward and Frog System (Sani-King) or are you getting a cheap off-brand?
  2. Warranty
    How long is the warranty? Caldwell Pools installs with a 40 year warranty on pool walls and 10 years on the liner.
  3. Will They "Nickle & Dime You To Death"?
    Some pool companies draw you in with sales gimmicks - a very low price, usually for a low-quality pool with off-brand, hard-to-find replacement parts. How much more are you willing to pay them on an up-sell to get something that will last?
  4. Location, Location, Location
    How far are you willing to drive for replacement parts, like a chlorine cartridge? Caldwell Pools has an on online store, so even if we are out-of-the-way, we're still just a few clicks away!
  5. Customer Service After the Sale
    One of the biggest reasons people come to Caldwell Pools is our customer service! No one likes to be yelled at or sold massive quantities of chemicals they don't really need.

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